Ours Services

Nationwide service branch

Support any destinations from airports to provincial.

Charter bus services

For trips and business available 24/ 7 – And spacials promotion.

Private Helicopter Charter

Private Helicopter Charter and plant for any trips and busines. – And spacial promotion.

Privilege for you!!


Provide safe transport for women. No more charging.


Included expressway and parking fee.


Connect WIFI at service cars.


luxury and Impressive


Thai taxi service, charter bus service for safe trips and business is available 24/ 7. We offer a variety of services that comprehensively cover all needs both in Bangkok and upcountry nationwide. We also provide personnel with expertise and passion in providing services that have gone through good manner trainings from taxi’s academy that are ready to provide services that easily accommodate all types of payments: cash and credit cards.

"Turn every trip to be the reward of your life" with a limousine with a driver in business class, and luxuriously journey as if you are a leader. It supports all activities: leisure trips, business trips, dinners, parties, seminars, meetings, and events with a service vehicle that has been carefully chosen for you, the VIP.



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